Is It Female Orgasm?

Three days ago a 45 years old woman came to the clinic complaining a dull pain inside the pubic area during sexual intercourse with her second husband. She suspected that she may have urinary tract infection as the result of the continuous intercourse for the first week of her marriage. No fever, pain during urination, or even the pain sensation all over her stomach we concluded. The fact told different thing that she may experienced something that she has ever had before.

Statistically mentioned there is about 30% of female population on this planet that has never had a single orgasm. It is pretty obvious since most women here are feeling taboo to discuss about sex, thus they may not know entirely how their reproductive organs work, so it is not really a big news for women for not understanding orgasm or the climax of the sex. This woman that came to our clinic apparently had the episode of orgasm, as she never had it before from her previous marriage. She interpreted that sensation as something wrong with her body.

Some scientist mentioned that female orgasm usually works from the pubic area where uterus (womb) lies. The prolong sex may last with orgasm started with the contraction of the uterus itself hence it would radiate to the whole body. So it is called orgasm. Have you ever had it before?