Are all Old Men has Erectile Dysfunction?

Most people assume that erectile dysfunction is a condition due to someone’s old age. This statement isn’t a complete wrong, but isn’t the right either.

Generally, men older than 40 years old experiences decline of his bodily function. This includes the hormonal problems, in which they very likely to have erectile dysfunction. Even more so, someone who already has a major health risk such as diabetes and cholesterol. With that being said, while ED is a very common condition to be had by men, it is a false statement to say that every men will experience it sometime in their life.

Based on our patients’ records at Klinik Lelaki, old age doesn’t always bring erectile dysfunction to someone. There are so many cases where a patient is a young healthy man under 40 years old. Specifically those who already has medical records regarding their health and metabolism.

Another study regarding this issue with a rather contrary result was published on Annals of Internal Medicine on August 2003. The journal shows that after the age of 50, men’s sexual function decreased sharply, 26% of men age 50 to 59 has ED while the number spike higher in men age 60 to 69 with 40%. Here’s how the conclusion of ‘ED is common among older men’ came about.

Based on the above two data, it is indeed incorrect to judge someone’s sexual function based on his age only.

One thing that needed to be kept in everyone’s mind is, while in some people it is an inevitable but erectile dysfunction is a treatable condition. They, who could maintain a healthy lifestyle and has no chronic health issues, had the lowest risk for erectile dysfunction, regardless of age. As a second-hand condition, ED almost doesn’t happened on its own. There are numerous ways it came to one’s life, whether physically or psychologically.

Never self-diagnose your condition, meet a doctor or consult to a medical professional for the best treatment options.

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