Does Anemia Cause Erectile Dysfunction?


Does anemia has anything to do with erectile dysfunction? It is no secret that someone who has anemia has a higher chance to feels fatigue than normal people does. But is it true that this condition also affects your performance on the bed? Let’s found out.

First of all, anemia is a medical condition in which someone has low healthy red blood cells. It’s a serious problem since the red blood cells has the most important job desk to transport and provide adequate oxygen to the tissues all over our body. Here’s why lacking healthy red blood cells make you feel weak and easily tired.

So, how does this disease has anything to do with erectile dysfunction?

Directly speaking? No, anemia does not cause a man to have erectile dysfunction problem. Medically, erectile dysfunction mostly caused by problems in blood vessel. This includes hypertension, cholesterol, diabetes and so on.

While anemia doesn’t cause a ruckus in a man’s blood vessels, it does indeed could affect your sexual life. Anemia ruin your stamina in any activity you’re in, and of course sexual activity falls under this criteria too. As it was mentioned above, anemia caused left you feeling fatigue, weak and tired. It’s definitely will be a big problem when you’re having a steamy sessions with your partner. It’s not only a problem for your manhood but also a disappointment for your loved one.

Then, is there any solution to your bed problems that caused by anemia?

Thank God, there are. And it’s not always by taking chemical meds. There are many types of anemia and some of them could be solved by having a healthy food in your daily diets. Vegetables and fruits rich in nutrition and vitamin are strongly advisable. Boosting your red blood cells also means boosting your energy level to do many things.

But you also need to know that not all type of anemia could be solved only by diet. Remember that in any medical condition you are having, never ever self-diagnosed. Meet your doctor and do a thorough medical check-up for a better diagnostic results. You’ll be given medications and treatments that suits your conditions.

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Masturbation and Erectile Dysfunction


Does too much masturbation lead to erectile dysfunction? Let’s discuss this subject using a real study case of one of our patient.

Leaving his identity behind, he’s a 21 year old healthy young man and still unmarried. One of his concerns was that he’s been having erectile dysfunction for the last few days. Even if he did have an erection, those moments never seems to reach the peak of satisfaction of any young blood must have. This problems still occurred even when he never does smoking, nor having any alcoholic beverages.

Long story short, he admit that he has this habit of doing daily self-service sexual activity or as we all known as masturbation. It was started as an act of avoiding to have sexual intercourse outside of marital status. Then it became an addictive habit that he could not not do on daily basis. He was wondering, if this is the cause of his erectile dysfunction problem?

In a simple way, we can put masturbation as a type of activity to attain sexual pleasure without penetration. It doesn’t matter whether it is done as a one man show or by having a partner as in doing mutual masturbation. The matter is about how it is done.

As a common sense as the sky is blue, it’s not a secret that men has higher need of sexual activity compare to women.

This need is controlled by testosterone, type of hormone which regulate the growth of secondary genital in our body. Women also produce this hormone but in a very low level.

Looking back at our study case, a young healthy man having a daily masturbation is not unlikely. Indeed it’s a healthy habit to have. A research shows that those who’s having more than 21 ejaculations in a month is at the lowest risk of prostate cancer.

The uncommon is in the method, the way one do the masturbating. Normal and the safest way is by using hands. But let’s admit, sometimes we all have those moments where a wild imagination struck and we want to try so many different experiments. These weird experiments are indeed the devil behind our main problem today.

So, does daily masturbation causing erectile dysfunction? Maybe. The yes or no to this question depends on oneself. Our suggestion is, never use those weird tools your imagination tells you to. But if you already having erectile dysfunction, it’s okay. It’s not the end of the world. Please contact a specialist as soon as possible. A doctor will give you advices and treatments based on your body and condition.

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Premature Ejaculation, The Two Classification

Premature ejaculation is one of the most common sexual dysfunction found in men. In fact, this condition could affect men in any range of age.

Statistically speaking, the number of young men having this condition is around at 30%. This number represents those who are already diagnosed medically. The real percentage could reach about 50% or even more.

Let’s have a little discussion.

Based on its type, premature ejaculation can be divided in two. First is the primer type. This type of ED is a long life condition in which the patient experiences a quick ejaculation, under five minutes, every single time he’s having an intercourse. This falls into a very rare case where it passed on genetically. Scientist stated that this genetic condition causing the brain part called nucleus paragigantoselulare to get disrupted and cannot function normally. This results in a less serotonin level than normal people have and increase the penil’s sensitivity.

While the second type is the secondary. In which they use to have a normal ejaculation duration and started developing the condition one time in his life.

Most youngsters are diagnosed by the secondary type, usually caused by psychological stress. Well, life does that. Another factor is rushing to achieve the climax. Since most young men who still living with their family, has very little to no privacy it is very understandable situation. Doing your business as fast as possible in fear someone might found you in action. This also believed as one of the factor that for a long run could cause premature ejaculation or even worse, erectile dysfunction.

Regardless of the type one’s suffers from, no one should bear it alone. Just as Erectile Dysfunction, premature ejaculation should not be taken lightly. It is a real medical condition and must be treated as one too. Meet a doctor or consult to a medical professional for the best treatment options.

Premature Ejaculation, The Official Definition


Premature ejaculation, most people defines it as general as a quick ejaculation. Experts been trying to encapsulate all possible symptoms in one long sentence meaning.

One of the attempt to this was held in Amsterdam October 2007. In which an international panel of PE experts had a meeting to discuss the many possibilities. Unfortunately, the meeting lack of industrial representatives. Albeit of this, the results was quite satisfying and written on The International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM).

Quoting ISSM:

“ Premature ejaculation is a male sexual dysfunction characterized by ejaculation which always nearly always occurs prior to or within about one minute of vaginal penetration; inability to delay ejaculation on all nearly all vaginal penetrations; and negative personal consequences, such as distress, bother, frustration, and/or the avoidance of sexual intimacy.”

The definition above succeed to define PE for various way of sexual activities include non-vaginal penetration such as anal sex and self-service masturbation.

How Premature Ejaculation happened?

Even until today, the causes of this condition is still could not be point out. The most famous theory was that PE caused by a habit during adolescence. In which a male frequently doing a quick masturbation to avoid getting caught. Despite the fame it get, this one reason almost has no backing data to proof its credibility. Another attempt to define the cause of PE was some hypothesis. This include genetic condition, serotonin receptors and the increase of penile’s sensitivity .

Just as any other sexual dysfunction in men, people has to be more educated in this topic. In many scenarios, men tend to hide their condition due to social stigma. Premature ejaculation is real a health condition and no one should suffered alone. Seeking a medical treatment is no way at the same level as admitting that you are weak. It is indeed the opposite. Seeing a doctor is a way to say that you love yourself and the people around that you are willing to be better.