Does Anemia Cause Erectile Dysfunction?



Does anemia has anything to do with erectile dysfunction? It is no secret that someone who has anemia has a higher chance to feels fatigue than normal people does. But is it true that this condition also affects your performance on the bed? Let’s found out.

First of all, anemia is a medical condition in which someone has low healthy red blood cells. It’s a serious problem since the red blood cells has the most important job desk to transport and provide adequate oxygen to the tissues all over our body. Here’s why lacking healthy red blood cells make you feel weak and easily tired.

So, how does this disease has anything to do with erectile dysfunction?

Directly speaking? No, anemia does not cause a man to have erectile dysfunction problem. Medically, erectile dysfunction mostly caused by problems in blood vessel. This includes hypertension, cholesterol, diabetes and so on.

While anemia doesn’t cause a ruckus in a man’s blood vessels, it does indeed could affect your sexual life. Anemia ruin your stamina in any activity you’re in, and of course sexual activity falls under this criteria too. As it was mentioned above, anemia caused left you feeling fatigue, weak and tired. It’s definitely will be a big problem when you’re having a steamy sessions with your partner. It’s not only a problem for your manhood but also a disappointment for your loved one.

Then, is there any solution to your bed problems that caused by anemia?

Thank God, there are. And it’s not always by taking chemical meds. There are many types of anemia and some of them could be solved by having a healthy food in your daily diets. Vegetables and fruits rich in nutrition and vitamin are strongly advisable. Boosting your red blood cells also means boosting your energy level to do many things.

But you also need to know that not all type of anemia could be solved only by diet. Remember that in any medical condition you are having, never ever self-diagnosed. Meet your doctor and do a thorough medical check-up for a better diagnostic results. You’ll be given medications and treatments that suits your conditions.

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