Impotence, What is it? Is it curable?

Aside of early ejaculation and prostate cancer, impotence is another sexual dysfunction that could be dangerous to many men. While it’s a pretty common condition in men but many of them never really meet a full recovery.

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is a condition where a man couldn’t maintain his erection for a normal time. Generally, it caused by two factors. First, physical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, also heart disease. Second is psychological condition like stress, anxiety, depression and worries.

So the main question is ‘Is it curable?’

Almost 95% of impotence cases are curable. The main key is being patient, keep a healthy diet and lifestyle, do the treatment diligently and have moral supports from a partner will be a great help. If you happened to experience this condition, here are things that you could do to have her/his support.

Talk to your partner.

Any problems will not solved itself. First step for a good relationship is trust and being honest to each other. Things will be easier to be handled if you have a positive support from your partner and family.

Have a healthy lifestyle

One thing for sure, stay away from alcoholic beverages and cigarettes. These two substances are the easiest to find but also has many negatives effect to one’s body. Eat healthily by adding more green veggies into your plate, have a good enough sleep and do some exercise.

Talk to a doctor or a medical specialist if you’re having symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Lots of men underestimate their condition, self-diagnosed and even buy pills without prescriptions. As a secondary condition, ED is very likely to be treated as the main disease that causing it in the first place. Here’s why having a professional opinions is very advisable.

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