Knowing ED’s Characteristics In Your Partner

It could be a hassle to know whether your partner having ED’s characteristic or not. Erectile dysfunction could be one of a big bad wolf for a couple. This condition could be a threat for your household, disrupting your sexual life and harmony.

People have to educate themselves more about erectile dysfunction. ED won’t happened to those who has a healthy body and lifestyle. It is a secondary condition in which the main problem need to be taken care of first hand. That’s why doctor’s opinion and a thorough medical check-up is highly advisable.

It’s not a common fact but all men do having erectile dysfunction problem at least once in their life. But it should become a concern if this happened frequently for around three months. One of the stigma going around society is that ED is an embarrassing condition to have. Even when the characteristic isn’t that hard to be identified some men tend to hide it from their partner.

If you’ve been having hunches here and there but your partner refuse to tell you the truth, here are some characteristics that you can observe:

  • ED’s characteristics – Physically

    • If your partner’s length doesn’t get hard enough to do penetration during intercourse, sometimes even need the help of hand.
    • During an intercourse session, you somehow notice the different. Such as the duration of the erection is shorter and quicker. Or your partner’s penis suddenly goes slack during the move.
    • If your partner couldn’t get erect at all, definitely a red flag.
  • ED’s characteristics – Psychologically

    • You notice that your partner seems to have lower self-confidence to do sexual intercourse. One day, he politely declined for trivial reasons like busy with work. The next day he said tired. Another day he is not in the mood. When in fact he’s avoiding to have a steamy sessions with you for his erectile dysfunction problem.
    • You notice his emotion is all over the place. It might something with his work at the office or problem with his friends. And the constant dwell of his own mind stressed him out. This absolutely will affect his ability to perform well on the bed.

For someone it must be feel like the end of the world. But society in general must know that erectile dysfunction is a treatable condition. Remember to always be honest and open minded to your partner. Your support and love is what he need the most. Also, it is an important thing to keep your house and relationship together.

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