Magical Hours to Have A Quality Intercourse

Yes, you read the title right. They are indeed different from time to time. Be it the sensation or the benefit it brings.

Naysayer says that those who do have a routine intercourse lives healthier and less prone to disease. This very common assumption is not baseless. Making love with your partner is strengthening the intimate relationship of you both. Also so many health benefit will comes along.

There are so many positive motives for lovers to have a frequent intercourse. Regardless the main purpose is to do reproduction activity, routine intercourse is also a way to have fun. This could also maintaining relationship and a way to stay healthy.

Take a note from The Sun, here are some of the best time to have the most benefit out of doing an intercourse with your partner.

6 AM – For fertility

If you’re planning to have kids, set your alarm for a steaming session in the morning. A study by scientists at Zurich says that sperm are the most fertile in the morning, then gradually decreased as the time of the day went by.

Making love as early as dawn could increase the chance for pregnancy. If 6 am seems too early for you to wake up and even more so doing intercourse, you can do a rain check for 8 am or even 10pm. Those were the times when female’s estrogen level peaks up.

7.30 AM – For male’s sexual health

Study said that men’s testosterone level is at best and the most strong before 8 in the morning. Here’s why men seems always ready to have sex first time when they woke up. And indeed it is recommended to have intercourse early in the day, since the health benefit it brought could come for a long time.

One of the study at United State in 2008 found that men who has sexual intercourse at least once in a week have the lowest risk to erectile dysfunction when they reach 50, compare to those who has less make love session.

Also,  a new day in the morning means the muscles are at their strongest, hence also the men’s stamina.

08.30 AM – Boosting Body’s Immune System

Each of sexual activity before mid-noon could boost human’s immune system.

Having a routine climax in the morning could increase the Imunoglobulin A level in the body, this is an antibody substance to help fighting infection. The easiest way to boost the sexual desire in the morning is by enjoying it while bathing together.

12AM – Stress Reliever

A research done by Georgia State University stated that having a routine intercourse could decrease the systolic blood pressure and the fear or weariness one’s felt before doing something big. Try to book a hotel to add the sexual eagerness sometimes at lunch. Intimate intercourse at an unusual time helps to increase the dopamine level of the brain, which also makes you moves around daily life in a more enjoyable way.

3PM – For the Heart

Having a sexual intercourse at 3 in the afternoon boost your love and trust with your partner. This also a good way to maintain your health by lowering the cortisol level, a chemical stress substance which contribute to heart disease.

But if even the magical times doesn’t helps you on the bed, you might want to consult to a medical specialist. Many men don’t want to admit that they are having sexual dysfunction, such as impotence or early ejaculation, that could shoo away their partner. Talk to your doctor for the best advices and treatment for your condition.


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