Masturbation and Erectile Dysfunction



Does too much masturbation lead to erectile dysfunction? Let’s discuss this subject using a real study case of one of our patient.

Leaving his identity behind, he’s a 21 year old healthy young man and still unmarried. One of his concerns was that he’s been having erectile dysfunction for the last few days. Even if he did have an erection, those moments never seems to reach the peak of satisfaction of any young blood must have. This problems still occurred even when he never does smoking, nor having any alcoholic beverages.

Long story short, he admit that he has this habit of doing daily self-service sexual activity or as we all known as masturbation. It was started as an act of avoiding to have sexual intercourse outside of marital status. Then it became an addictive habit that he could not not do on daily basis. He was wondering, if this is the cause of his erectile dysfunction problem?

In a simple way, we can put masturbation as a type of activity to attain sexual pleasure without penetration. It doesn’t matter whether it is done as a one man show or by having a partner as in doing mutual masturbation. The matter is about how it is done.

As a common sense as the sky is blue, it’s not a secret that men has higher need of sexual activity compare to women.

This need is controlled by testosterone, type of hormone which regulate the growth of secondary genital in our body. Women also produce this hormone but in a very low level.

Looking back at our study case, a young healthy man having a daily masturbation is not unlikely. Indeed it’s a healthy habit to have. A research shows that those who’s having more than 21 ejaculations in a month is at the lowest risk of prostate cancer.

The uncommon is in the method, the way one do the masturbating. Normal and the safest way is by using hands. But let’s admit, sometimes we all have those moments where a wild imagination struck and we want to try so many different experiments. These weird experiments are indeed the devil behind our main problem today.

So, does daily masturbation causing erectile dysfunction? Maybe. The yes or no to this question depends on oneself. Our suggestion is, never use those weird tools your imagination tells you to. But if you already having erectile dysfunction, it’s okay. It’s not the end of the world. Please contact a specialist as soon as possible. A doctor will give you advices and treatments based on your body and condition.

Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels

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